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  The slat conveyor attaches the wooden or steel slat to a chain with attachment. It carries the products on the upper surface of slat. It is used in the assembly line for heavy products by controlling the travelling velocity.
It divides into the single slat and the double slat depending on the purposes. It uses a stopper for the inclined application. The curve slat conveyor for 90˚ and 180˚ is also manufactured.

  1. 3D conveyance using the space.
2. Effective use of space using a ceiling
3. No blockage of path because of the unrestricted route for conveyance.
4. Easy automation. Relatively cheap installation expenses.
5. Entire use of return chain.
6. Unrestricted carriage of any kinds and shapes of items using a hanger.

  1. Carriage to a destination using power
2. The roller carries from light to heavy objects to a destination by rotation.
3. Suitable for workplaces handling big and small objects
4. Easy handling due to simple structure
5. No troubles. Less maintenance cost.