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 Welfare Facilities
Restaurant  The general affairs division directly run and manage the restaurant.
 Around 100  employees can have meals in comfortable surroundings.
 The division tries to improve and keep the good health of employees by
 the preparation of weekly menu.
Dormitory  The Company selects the employees with good work performances
 among those whose houses are in local areas and provides the
 dormitory to those employees.
(3 buses)
 The commuters vehicles are operated to facilitate the commutation
 of employees.
 Commuters Bus No. 1: Bupyeong line
 Commuters Bus No. 2: Dongincheon line
 Commuters Bus No. 3: Seoknam-Dong line
Lounge  The lounge has the vending machines for coffee and beverage,
 the ping-pong table, the small basketball ring and Sing-along machine for
 comfortable rest of employees.
Meeting Room
 Meeting room and conference room for employees and officers to have meeting.